From Beulah Linn’s Sevier County News & Record column, “Historical Sites, People, and Places.”

This article appeared in the November 20, 1975 edition.

When war was declared against Great Britain June, 1812, Governors Willie Blount of Tennessee offered to President James Madison 2500 Volunteers under the command of Andrew Jackson. The following year, after the Massacre at Fort Minis, the Legislature of Tennessee passed an Act (on Sept. 25, 1813) raising 2,500 men and authorized the banks to lend a sum not exceeding $300,000 for their arms and equipment. Then both young and old came forward to enlist. These first volunteers were three months men, but later the militia and the drafted regiment were for a six-month term. The wars with Great Britain, and then the Creek Indians, continued into 1815 even after the signing of the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814.

A surprising number of Sevier County men, who were members of the Tennessee Militia, volunteered for service in the War of 1812. When the Capitol was burned by the British in 1814, a great many records were destroyed. Fortunately the East Tennessee records seem to have been preserved and are filed in the Washington Archives.

The pension applications and the muster rolls are very valuable sources of information as indicated by the following pension application: On the seventeenth day of December, 1850, personally appeared before Lemuel Bogart, a Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Sevier, State of Tennessee, Daniel Duggan aged 57 years, a resident of Sevier in the State of Tennessee, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Daniel Duggan who was Private in the Company commanded by Captain Andrew Lawson in the Third Regiment of East Tennessee Militia Infantry commanded by Colonel William Johnson in the War with Great Britain declared by the United States on the 18th of June 1812.

He was drafted at Sevierville in Sevier County, State of Tennessee on or, about the twentieth day of September, 1814, for a term of six months and, continued to said War for the term of more than seven months, and was honorably discharged at Sevierville in Sevier County, Tennessee on the third day of May, 1815, as will appear by his original certificate of discharge herewith presented, or by the Muster Roll of said Company.

And said Duggan further states that he was a second sergeant to the Company of Mounted Infantry commanded by Captain Samuel West in the Regiment of East Tennessee Volunteers commanded by Colonel Joseph Bird and that he volunteered at Sevierville, State of Tennessee, In pursuance of the Proclamation of Newton Cannon then Governor at tire State of Tennessee; made in obedience to the request of the President of the United States for Immediate service in the Creek Country for a term of twelve months and continued in actual service in said Company and Regiment for the term of more than one month and was honorably discharged verbally – for an indefinite period with orders to hold himself in readiness for immediate; service whenever called on at any time; within the said twelve months at Camp Wood, State of Tennessee, as will, as he believes, appear by the minter Rolls of said Company. He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which he may be entitled under the “act granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States passed September 28, 1850.”

Also, Jacob Blazier on December 17, 1850 appeared before Lemuel Bogart. and made oath that he was personally acquainted with Daniel Duggan and that he knew that the said Daniel Duggan did perform in the service in Captain Samuel West’s Company as his declaration had mentioned and that the affiant as a Private in the same Company with said Daniel Duggan and saw him perform said service as he had stated.

The application was filed with P.N. Toomey County Court Clerk on December 18, 1850. For the above military service Daniel Duggan received Warrant 21317 for 80 aces of bounty land.

Daniel Duggan, Jr, was born Feb. 14, 1793 in Sevier County, Tenn., the son of Daniel Duggan, Sr., and a Scotch lady whose maiden name is unknown. Daniel Duggan, Sr. was commissioned by Governor John Sevier as an Ensign in the regiment of Sevier County on 1 May, 1799. Daniel Duggan Sr. was the son of Hugh and Margaret (Wilson) Duggan who are said to have settled on the East Fort of the Little Pigeon as early as 1787. Ruth O’Dell in her book “Over the Misty Blue Hills” on page 259 states that the family came from Massachusetts having originally lived in Norstrom, England.

Daniel Duggan, Jr. married Mary (Polly) McMahan, the daughter of Archibald McMahan. Jr. and Elisabeth (Bird) McMahan in Sevier County about 1817.

The early land grants surveys make no distinction between Daniel Duggan, Sr. and Daniel Duggan Jr. Both lived on the waters of the East Fork of the Little Pigeon in the neighborhood with Jacob Layman, Sanford Allen, William and Robert Duggan, William Robinson and John Gilbert.

Daniel Duggan, Jr. and his wife became the parents of thirteen children.

In this article, I have carried the family only through the third generation and it is subject to error. I had studied the family quite some time before I realized it was not my direct line. Daniel Duggan, Sr. was a brother of my great-great grandfather Robert Duggan, Sr.

Many descendants of the Daniel Duggan family are living in Sevier County today.

1. Elizabeth Down b. 11 Jas 1813 d. 27 June, 1897 m. Absolom Allen on 19 Feb, 1834. They are buried in the Allen Cemetery,

Children: (1) Mary m. Hiram Blair, (2) Elizabeth m James Archer 1 May 1859. (3) James E. was buried at Nashville during the Civil War, (4) Daniel m Mary E. Snapp 7 March 1869, (5) Martha m David McCarter 7 Jan. 1857, (6) Sanford m. Martha Russell 15 Aug. 1871. (7) Edna m. Wm. Carroll Layman 19 Oct 1871, (8) David m. Amanda S. Maples, (9) Twins Albert m Rachel Elizabeth Patterson – (10) Nancy. (11) Samuel J. m A. James 8 April 1879. Recently I had the most pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. S.L Allen a direct descendant, who live on the old Absolom Allen homeplace on the Flat Creek Road. The home, beautifully remodeled was built by Absalom Allen; the original outbuildings remain the same. The Allen Family Cemetery on the original farm is a beautiful cemetery maintained try the Allen Family who meet once a year for a reunion. Kate Allen of Knoxville is the family historian.

I am grateful for the privilege of visiting with the late Russell Allen, a former sheriff of Sevier County, and his family on several occasions. Mr. Allen had a remarkable memory and told me many interesting facts about the Allen and Duggan connections.

2. Anna Duggan b. 4 Oct 1819, between 1856-1860, m Pleasant W. Shults the son of Martin and Barbara (Emert) Shults. Both Pleasant and Anna were buried in the old Shults Cemetery back of the Shults Grove Methodist Church Children: (1) Mitchel D., Co. K. 9th Cav., Civil War. b. Jan. 26.1841, (2) Daniel b. 1844, (3) Archibald b. Feb. 24, 1846 d. April 11, 1894. (4) Sarah b. 1847, (5) Pleasant b. 1850, (6) David B, b. Aug. 7, 1852, (7) Annie b. 1854.

3. James Mitchell b. 26 Jan. 1821 d. 6 Feb. 1895 m. Nancy Keeler dau., of Joseph and Catherine (Fox) Keeler on 31 July, 1843. He was a lieutenant to Co. B, 2nd Tenn. Volunteer Cavalry in the Civil War. Both James Mitchell Duggan and his wife are buried in me Henry’s Cross Roads Church Cemetery. Children: (1) Matilda Isabellea b. Dec 5, 1844 d. May 7, 1856, (2) Sarah Catherine b. April 21, 1847 d. Jan. 11, 1924 m. Frederick Emert (3) Joseph Wilson b. Aug. 16, 1848 d. Sept. 30. 1929, m. (1) Nancy Drake (2) Fanny Smith Joseph W. Duggan resided in the Wildwood Community and served as Superintendent of Blount County Schools for several years. (4) Mary (Polly) Ann b. June 2, 1850 m. John Benson (5) Mandy Malissa Elizabeth b. Sept. 24, 1851 m a Romines, (6) Susan Minerva Jane B. May 5.1853 m. John Banks. (7) Daniel Pleasant Winfield Scott b. Feb. 17, 1855 m. Rebecca Cole. He sated as Superintendent of Schools in Knox County (8) Mahala Rebecca b. May 3, 1857 d. April 26, 1926 m. Napoleon Bonaparte Brock. They lived In Athens, Tenn. (9) Archable George b. June 4. 1858 m. Rose De Armand. (10) James Frederick b. Sept. 2 1860 d. August, 22.1867, (11) Margaret Leah Eleanor b. Feb. 5 1862 m Joe Day. (17) Martha Belle. Aug. 22, 1867 m (1) John Webb (2) Carl Johnson d. May 11. 1931.

4. Archibald McMahan Duggan b. May 11. 1823 d. Dec. 14, 1907 m. Anna Caroline Shultz dau, of Martin and Barbara (Emert) Shults m Sept. 6, 1843. They are buried in the family cemetery to their farm near Strawberry Plains, Tenn. Children: (1) Barbara Caroline b. Aug 25, 1844, d Sept. 23, 1932. m. (1) Thomas Leatherwood (2) John Wisenhunt (2) Zachary Taylor Duggan, Sr. b. Oct. 16, 1846 d. April 3, 1919 m. Rebecca Crawford Feb. 13, 1884 , (4) John Martin Duggan b. Jan. 6, 1849 m (1) Mary Ramsey (2) Martha Snyder. Death date unknown.

13. Nancy Malissa Duggan b. June 2, 1844 d. March 1, 1879 m James L. Catlett Nov. 18, 1858. They are buried in the old Mt. Pleasant graveyard. Children – William A, Sarah C., Nancy S., George S., John N., and perhaps others born after the 1870 census.

(4) Mary Elisabeth Duggan b. June 1, 1851 d. Aug. 9, 1927 m W. E. McMillian 1882.

5. William Duggan b. Nov. 8, 1826, is said to have died in childhood.

6. Mary (Polly) Ann Duggan b. July 11, 1826 d. March 20, 1903 m. (1) Carroll Thomas (2) Rev. John Russell on June 5, 1866. children -1860 census: Malvina Celia, Catherine John, Elizabeth, Mary sad perhaps others born after 1860.

7. Sarah Jam Duggan b. March 28, 1828 m. John C Swann lived in Jefferson County.

8. Susannah Duggan b. March 27,1830 d June 27,1914 m Noah Atchley II, son of Joshua Atchley II and Elizabeth Hardin Atchley on July 22, 1851. They are buried in the Thorn Grove Cemetery in Knox County. -children (1) Elizabeth Atchley b. May 22, 1853 d. Oct.23, 1909 m. Rufus Huffaker, (2) Joshua Atchley III b. May 20, 1854 d. Feb. 24, 1891 m. Evelyn Douglas, (3) Mary Isabel Atchley b. May 9. 1857 d. Jan 24, 1922 m Robert T. Blair (4) Daniel W. Atchley b. April 23, 1858 d. Feb. 1920 m. Hettie Ann Kelly, (5) George Atchley b. April 23, 1858 d. Feb. 23, 1875, (6) Noah R. Atchley b. Dec 4. 1861 d. July 10, 1904. m. Nancy M. Pollard, (7) Sarah S. Atchley b. July 18, 1866 d. Jan.15, 1880 (8) Perry M. Atchley b. Oct. 5, 1868 m. Sallie Hickman, (9) Mack C. Atchley b. March 2, 1870 d. Nov. 10, 1930 in. Jennie Pilant.

9. Minerva Duggan b. June 7, 1833 m. David Michell In 1860 they were living In District No. 4. Harrisburg Post Office, and had the following children: Maria, James, and Laura.

10. George McCown Duggan, b. April 26, 1836 married Frances Newman Nov. 13, 1878. They moved to West Plains, Missouri.

11. Catherine Duggan b. April 26, 1836 (twin) m Isaac Anderson Atchley son of Isaac and Mary (Bower) Atchley. They moved to Willard, Missouri Children – Isaac Thomas Harrison, Mitchell, and Enoch.

12. Daniel Wilson Duggan, Jr. b. Aug. 27, 1838 d. March 3, 1868 and is buried in the old Mt. Pleasant graveyard on Jones Cove Road. On Nov. 17, 1858 he married Sarah Jane Bird. Daniel never recovered from a Civil War illness; children (1) Dora Catherine b. 1850 m. Will Lane (2) Malissa b. 1861 d. 1929 Buried Lynn Hurst Cemetery m. Robert Clark about 1885.

Several years ago a lady by the name of Catlett from Texas stopped to visit the old Mt. Pleasant graveyard. She told Mr. Wells who lives across the road that all the old Duggans were buried there in the area where a big pine tree had fallen. The old cemetery which no doubt originated as a family cemetery became the burial ground for the members of the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Society on the French Broad Circuit.

The Will of Daniel Duggan Jr. is recorded in Will Book No.1 page 143 in the Sevier County Courthouse.

He willed to his beloved wife Mary Duggan the “possessions and use of all my land with all my personal property or effects during her natural life. After the death of my aforesaid wife my wish is that there be an equal division made between my children: Elizabeth. Anna, James M., Archibald, Mary, Sarah, Susannah, Minerva Jene, George McCown, Catherin, Daniel Wilson and Nancy Malissa. Lastly I appoint Absolom Allen my Executor of this my last will and testament. “The will was witnessed by John Russell and John Kear and dated July 21, 1866.

The record book entitled “Guardians, Executors, and Administrators d Estates.” pp. 213-214 in the County Clerk’s office give the inventory and lists of personal property belonging to the estate of Daniel Duggan, dec’ d. It was signed try Absolom Allen and dated Oct. 29, 1873. Among the two pages were the following:

The Family Bible was bought by Polly Thomas for $.10, a United States history book to J.H. Frame for $.50; a spinning wheel to Susan Atchley for $1.50 a flax: wheel to Nancy Catlett for $ .15 and an oven and lid to Noah Atchley for $1.50.

Daniel Duggan Jr., War of 1812 buried in an unmarked grave in the old Mt. Pleasant graveyard on the Jones Cove Road. The date of his death is unknown the approximate date is between 1866-1870.

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